Our Guests

Our guests are our best attribute (that's why we're here after all). The smiles on the faces of these babies and their mothers is our greatest joy. We strive to provide a safe, healthy, clean place for women and their children to start their lives together.

Being a new mother is tough, we are here to help you through the struggles and the transitions. Being a new mother is also a ton of fun, we like to be there for that, too!

Philomena House can accommodate up to four guests and their babies. We are centrally located in a newly renovated home near downtown Saint Paul. The home is located in a quiet neighborhood near the bus line, city parks and schools and provides a safe place for pregnant women and new moms. Guests stay through pregnancy, delivery and early life after birth. They agree in writing to standards conducive to learning and personal growth. There is no charge for rent or any services provided.