Dear Friend of Philomena House:

Someone will soon donate the house we’ll name “Philomena House”, our proposed shelter for homeless, pregnant young women to be located in the Saint Paul, Roseville area.

You may personally know that person, or you know someone who does. If so, please let us know. The four (or-more) bedroom place we need should be ready to open soon.

A daring, but attainable goal

We understand that seeking a donated property is a bold endeavor, but many of the hundreds of shelters throughout the country have begun in the same place, with donated houses or buildings. To name a few:

  • Heather’s House on the Maryville Academy campus
  • Des Plaines, Illinois • Maggie’s Place, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Several Sources Shelters in New Jersey
  • Hannah Center, Marshfield, Wisconsin.

A few interested owners have been serious contenders, but for some limitation, they have been unable to help us. Now we’re actively interviewing bankers, estate planners and owners of properties like the Maryville Academy that donated the six-bedroom Heather’s House in Des Plaines.

We believe Divine Providence is guiding us

Divine Providence will surely continue to lead our board of directors because of His help in building a foundation for growth: a constitution, 501 (c) (3) non-profit legal standing, trained volunteers ready to serve, a house manager and contributing supporters such as yourself.

This month we received a substantial contribution from the Knights of Columbus––a gift from the hearts of men dedicated to saving the lives of the unborn. Having sent out more than 12 proposals, we also received our first grant money from the Catholic Community Foundation.

As tax refund time approaches, please remember Philomena House when you allocate your tax-deductible contributions, using the enclosed envelope.

We keep you in our prayers. And we ask you to pray for us even more intensely as we look for the place we can call Philomena House.

Joyce Nevins (651) 488-9652
Co-director of Philomena House

P.S. Invite us to speak to your group about our plans.  Help us spread the news!