April Update!

We want you to know that we’re now in the business of making more friends for Philomena House! To date, we’ve contacted about 60 Minnesota foundations that accept grant proposals from nonprofit organizations. We ask if our goals coincide with theirs. If they do, we inquire if we may submit a proposal for a given cash amount. Several have said yes and we’ve sent proposals.  As with other nonprofits, grant seeking will be a year ‘round effort for us.

We’re also making friends among other organizations, with the goal broadening our base of support and sharing resources. For example, one group of 27 women has added Philomena House to their prayer list. Another group will hold a housewares shower for us. One of our board members is a longtime, highly active member of the Knights of Columbus, known for their work in life causes.

Many of you are involved in fundraising events for your church, school or community group. Not only do events raise immediate monies, but they also obtain valuable involvement and awareness. If you know of a successful event idea that you think would work for Philomena House, please call Joyce Nevins and tell us about it.

Although we have one attractive possibility for a home, we continue to look at other residences. You can help. If you know of a rental four or five bedroom house in the Roseville or Como Park area that we should know about, please call us!

With the April federal income tax date approaching, now is the time to consider your year-end contributions. Philomena House is a federal tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) organization. Make checks payable to Philomena House and use the self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Please pray for us as we build Philomena House, a temporary shelter where a homeless pregnant woman can participate in a life-affirming program aimed at self-sufficiency. Here is a shelter where she can make a real choice––whether to choose motherhood or adoption for her wonderful new baby.

Joyce Nevins,  (651) 488-9652

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